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Nothing says love a like big sparkle. Let BeJeweled help make your occasion even more special with an unforgettable piece from this world famous collection. Since 1895 Swarovski's enduring passion for innovation and design has made it the world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand. Today, they carry on the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world.

Swarovski: Welcome
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01 swar ears.jpeg
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swar set 01.jpeg
02 swar ears.jpeg
swar set 02.jpeg
swar set 03.jpeg
swar ears 03.jpeg
swar ears 04.jpeg
swar m set 04.jpeg
swar set 04.jpeg
swar neck 05.jpeg
swar m set 05.jpeg
swar m neck 06.jpeg
swar m neck 07.jpeg
swar neck 06.jpeg
swar m neck 08.jpeg
swar neck 07.jpeg
swar m neck 09.jpeg
swar neck 08.jpeg
swar neck 09.jpeg
swar m neck 10.jpeg
swar neck 10.jpeg
swar m neck 11.jpeg
swar neck 11.jpeg
swar m neck 12.jpeg
swar m neck 13.jpeg
swar neck 12.jpeg
swar neck 13.jpeg
swar m ears 14.jpeg
swar m ears 15.jpeg
swar ears 15.jpeg
swar ears 14.jpeg
swar m ears 16.jpeg
swar ears 16b.jpeg
swar ears 16f.jpeg
swar m ears 17.jpeg
swar ears 17.jpeg
swar ears 17b.jpeg
swar m ears 18.jpeg
swar ears 18.jpeg
swar ears 19.jpeg
swar m ears 20.jpeg
swar ears 21.jpeg
swar ears 20.jpeg
swar m ears 21.jpeg
swar ears 22.jpeg
swar m ears 22.jpeg
swar ears 23.jpeg
swar m ears 24.jpeg
swar ears 24.jpeg
swar ears 25.jpeg
swar m ears 25.jpeg
swar m ears 26.jpeg
swar ears 26.jpeg
swar ears 27.jpeg
swar m ears 27.jpeg
swar m ears 28.jpeg
swar ears 28.jpeg
swar m ears 30.jpeg
swar ears 30.jpeg
swar ears 29.jpeg
swar m ears 29.jpeg
swar m ears 31.jpeg
swar m ears 32.jpeg
swar ears 31.jpeg
swar ears 32.jpeg
Swarovski: Photo Gallery

Interested in Swarovski?
Support small business by buying locally.

We're a locally owned, authorized Swarovski dealer. Come see us in store or contact us to place an order!

Our selections are always changing, come in to see what's in stock to today.

Shipping also available. 

Swarovski: Shipping Policy

Contact Us

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate an upcoming occasion? Let BeJeweled help! Come in or contact us and together we’ll choose from our wide selection of beautiful jewelry. We're happy to ship, phone orders welcome!


1101 Alaskan way
Seattle, WA 98101

Order Line: (765).271.2750

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Swarovski: Contact
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